Bar Stools – A Symbol of Fashion and Style in Home Furnishings

Bar stools are among all those stylish and well designed products of furnishings that add to the style and beauty of the rooms. The use of bar stools is gradually converting people from that traditional and conventional look in the room towards the style and fascination. The designs that are offered in the stools of different materials available in the market make it more flexible and accommodating for people to use.

The very different and attractive designs offered in the bar stools appeal towards the people and attract them to place such stools for seating arrangement at their homes, shops, stores, offices and even pubs, clubs, beers, cocktail stops, and other such places. These stools are also easy to use and comfortable. Some stools are equipped with the arm rests and foot rests while others are not. Some have cushioned seats while others have stylish metallic seats.

The bar stools are also attractive for use in homes and in stores and shops because of their feature of acquiring less floor space. The stools occupy a very small space where they are placed and due to this these are very popular in use at different places. The shops and stores such as coffee shops, ice cream parlors and billiards or other pool game stops also make the extensive use of stools for providing seating place for those who come and visit them.

These are a sign of fashion and style these days, and along with this very quality they are also present in the market in very reasonable rates that can be easily afforded by almost every one.

Dog Bicycle Carriers – Fashion and Style Cruising With Your Pet

Did you know you can get a dog bicycle carrier for your pet? Yes, it is not just Dorothy Gale who can carry her own personal Toto in a basket on her bicycle! Now, anyone can get that Wizard of Oz look when traveling with their pet. Today, there are dozens of different styles of carriers that attach to your bicycles handle bars, allowing you to stick your small dog inside for a fun trip for you both.

A dog bicycle carrier is designed to be a safe, secure place for your pet. You will not have to worry about him jumping out while you are riding, since the carrier is made to prevent this from happening. This is true of every style of carrier. That said, there are virtually unlimited features, colors, and styles to choose from, so you can get the on-the-go look that is right for both you and your dog. For example, some carriers are padded, while others are wired. Some come in neutral colors, some are pastel, while others are bold and bright. You can get carriers with sun shades to keep the heat off of Fido, while other carriers come with side pockets for food and water containers, so your pet can get the sustenance he needs on long trips. You can truly customize your bicycle travel experience with these carriers.

Nearly all dog bicycle carriers attach to the front of the bike, usually on the handlebars. This is because your dog is usually the safest when you can see him. However, there are a few models that attach to the side of your bicycle, and there are even trailers that hitch to the back of the bike. The choice you make depends entirely on what makes you the most comfortable. However, if you love to travel by bike, there is no reason you can not take your dog along for the ride!

Top 10 Fashion and Style Tips For Women

1 – Know your body shape

Petite women should avoid chunky clothes and strong prints. Instead go for fitted shapes and soft fabrics, narrow belts subtle contrasts of colour and texture. Keep everything streamlined so as not to cut the body in half.

Busty women should wear eye-catching skirts (shorter if you are comfortable) and trousers, strong prints and colours or textures draw the eye away from the top half of the body. Wearing a single block of colour is thinning. Avoid eye-catching tops, instead wear long jackets that draw the eye down. Darker coloured tops which are loose fitting and waist hugging.

Pear shaped women should love vertical lines, V-necks and skirts with slits up the side. Straight of A-line skirts to just below the knee. Dark tights and shoes with colour or pattern in a blouse or top, tops should hang past the hips. Classic cuts on top in lighter colours draw the eye away from the hips. Accent the V-neck with a V or Y- shaped necklace.

Tall women should avoid tight clothes. Wear the right skirt length, too short or too long will be out of proportion. As with petite women keep everything streamlined, wear blouses over trousers so as not to shorten your top half.

Rectangular women should wear pattern. Feminine knit sweaters over skirts are great. Wear a round neckline and mirror it with a round necklace or scarf.

2 – Dress to suit your personality

Rock chick – accessorize and clash a little but keep it feminine.

Urban chic – take advantage of the wonderful high street fashion, stunning yet simple.

Sporty – Layer trendy casual clothes.

Arty – Taking the contemporary fashion and adding a dash of your own personality to spice things up.

Sexy – Sensual fabrics, curvy and delicious. A splash of colour and scent.

Retro chic – Great accessories, and a flare for those classic, all time looks.

Romantic – Classic cuts, tailoring and soft colours, lace, embroidery and pearls.

3 – The right accessories can make all the difference

– V and Y shaped necklaces draw the eye down

– Round necklaces fill the neckline

– Ultra long earrings elongate the neck

– A long, trailing belt elongates the legs

– The right hat can make an outfit

– Cocktail rings add fun and colour and a bit of sparkle to a casual outfit

– Scarves can be arty

– A matching jewellery set can bring an outfit together

4 – Wake up to make up

– Make your eyes sparkle with a contrasting eye shadow

– Open out the eye by highlighting down the middle of the lid

– Use black for a dramatic look

– Use grey for smoky eyes with a delicate pink lipstick

– Choose a red lipstick for a classic look but choose one close to your own natural colour for precision.

– When creating bold eyes, keep paler lips. When choosing red lipstick do paler eyes.

– Use the colour palettes made up by the manufactures instead of matching your own eye shadow tones. Blend the colours well.

5 – A bag for life

– For daywear a good sized leather bag in a classic style cut. This season gives you plenty of choice as to colour and texture.

– For evening wear the clutch bag is back or alternatively go for a shoulder bag with a chain strap.

6 – Keep everything in proportion

– petite people elongate themselves with a slim cut

– for slim hips wear straight leg trousers/skirts, avoid flared ankles.

– for curvy hips balance them out with an A-line skirt, not a bias cut

– to hide hips wear flared trousers and a classic cut top

– wear a blouse with a short skirt

– wear a trim jumper with a long skirt

– heels are always slimming

– wear the right jacket, length and bulk are important here

7 – Dress for the season

– in spring / summer wear the bronzer and shimmery make up

– for spring / summer wear lower cut and soft fabrics in bright colours

– in autumn / winter matte make up with slightly darker tones

– for autumn / winter wear natural colours and natural fabrics, knitwear, leather, cotton, linen

8 – Don’t mix styles

– less is more

– there are many trends this season don’t wear bold colours, metallics, animal print and retro glamour all at once.

– Pick one style per outfit and don’t go overboard, often one or two accessories will look fabulous with a simple outfit.

9 – Have fun with subtle changes

– have jewellery that you can mix and match each day

– change your parting

– wear a scarf as a belt

– wear basic clothes in unusual ways

– use a brooch on a ribbon as a chocker

– wear a long necklace or a scarf as a bracelet

– add cabochon beads to an old bag and use it again

10 – It all comes down to the basics

– a good pair of jeans go for comfort, there are lots of styles which are fashionable this year. It is important to try them on before you buy. If going for skinny jeans get stretchy ones. If you have curvy hips got for low boot cut jeans to show them off. If you need a little more room for thighs and calves go for a relaxed fit, or for the bum go for low waist, low pockets and balance things out with flared ankles. This season go for dark colours and textures.

– a leather jacket is an autumn/winter basic. Go for a good feminine cut, no need to look like a biker unless you choose that style.

– a classic suit if you don’t wear one to work is great for many occasions.

– a white blouse is versatile and feminine

– a proper coat again go for a feminine cut at a length that suits you.

– boots there are many refreshing changes to the classics this year

– evening dress think of the whole outfit before you buy and make sure you have shoes and jewellery to match, maybe get a versatile dress that can be dressed down for occasions too.

– high heels the shoes to dance the night away in

– appropriate bag barrel bag for overnight, clutch bag for evening, shoulder bag for day.

– Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the correct underwear. Start with a good foundation and the rest of the outfit will follow. Go and get yourself measured if you are not sure.

Between Fashion And Style

Over the years, over-use and abuse of the key word-Style and Fashion have tended to transform their original meanings to suit the errors of the abusers. Also their inter-changeable usages have compounded their meanings.

The Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11th Edition), defines Fashion as the prevailing (dress) Style during a particular time: and Style as a distinctive manner of (dressing). (Emphasis on dress, dressing for the purpose of this article)

From these meanings, we see that Fashion is an offshoot of Style. Fashion is the prevailing Style of a particular period. People of Style are not necessarily subject to Fashion, but Fashionable people must of necessity conform to the prevailing Style.

Another thing to note is that Fashion revolves, while Style evolves. The evolution of Style has brought about bell-bottoms, jump-ups, high waistbands, etc for men. In the late 60s and early 70s, crazy after Style icon James Brown, men wore bell-buttons trousers and tight-fitting shirts with shoes so high they were variously nicknamed, five foot above sea level, upstairs etc.

In the early 80s, young men copied Michael Jackson’s high waist band, jump-up black trouser (show me your stockings) and a white pair of stocks to contrast. Figure out what man will wear those things today.

Several times, attempts have been made to strike a come back for these old skools, but the truth is that better taste will never let them prevail. This is what I mean by evolution.

On the other hand, check out the history of women’s dress-from the corset to tight-knee, to micro mini, maxi, ball gown and back to all of them again. They are always in a revolution. What goes around comes around.

Generally speaking, men’s wear is more about Style than Fashion, while women’s wear is more about Fashion than Style. Although there are couple of women who are more into Style than Fashion. But then fashion is meant to update the woman dress-wise. To keep her nature forever attractive, whether in glamorous or simple Style. That is why Fashion shows are basically about women’s wear; an attempt to revive the old with the modern modifications and sway the consumer to the currency of a prevailing Style in an endless cycle.

The few men’s wears you may see are only there to carry us along, because at the end of it all, the men pick the top. Fashion designers are hard put as to what to do to men’s wear on the run way. They have played us into fashion-by-language; casual, leisure, and the lounge wears; they have tried to call some sport and outdoors; separated them into summer, winter and spring.

But between you and I, it is all a farce. Men’s wear will and forever be shirts and trousers. Even the jacket is only a modified shirt padded to keep the wearer warm in cold conditions, which also serves to give among others, the effect of comportment and formality.

Now Style in men’s wear is the ability to play the combinations of cloths textures, colors, patterns, fits, and suitability with relevant accoutrements to conform to acceptable dress codes.

And for this, one inalienable factor in creating a good Style is taste. Cultivate a good taste and watch your personal Style (in all facets of life) become an epitome.

Men’s Fashion and Style Tips #1

Fashion is no longer just for women. There are many ways that men can stay as fashionable and as up to date as their female counterparts.

Here are some great tips to help you look your best:

1. Stick with styles that suit you – Sometimes the trendiest clothing is not the right choice for you. If you have a personal style, stick with it. Otherwise, you’ll just look uncomfortable and that’s not the impression you want to give. That’s not to say you can’t change things up a little, but don’t try to become an entirely different person.

2. Invest in a few good pieces – It’s easy to waste your money on designer clothes, but not everyone can afford to that. Instead, focus on three key designer items that are necessary for every man’s closet. First, a nice pair of designer jeans. Get a classic cut that will never go out of style. Second, a nice designer button-down shirt. You’ll get a lot of wear out of this one. Third, a designer suit. These three pieces can get you through just about anything.

3. Don’t forget outerwear – A lot of people tend to focus only on their clothes, forgetting coats. You should have at least one nice coat that can transition from casual to business easily.

4. Don’t forget underwear – On the same token, you don’t want to skimp on what lies beneath. Invest in some high quality underwear in the style that suits you. These will last much longer than the cheap kind and they are a lot more comfortable. When you’re comfortable down there, you’re comfortable everywhere.

5. Get some great tees – T-shirts are versatile and a necessary part of everyone’s wardrobe. Look for a few high quality tees made of expensive cotton that look like a million bucks. Throw in a few vintage tees for good measure, but don’t go too overboard.

6. Don’t forget the slacks – While everyone loves to wear jeans, sometimes they just aren’t appropriate. If you don’t have a need to wear a suit, you should at least have one pair of nice dress slacks. Whether you need them for a date or you just want a change, it’s nice to have a pair on hand.

7. Invest in nice shoes – Shoes really complete a polished picture, if they are done right. You should have at least one pair of the following shoes on hand: running shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes, hiking boots, and a pair of dressy boots. Keep them clean and polished at all times.

8. Remember to accessorize – All men need at least one dress watch and one casual watch, as well as an assortment of nice neck chains and/or bracelets. Don’t go overboard with the jewelry, but a nice chain can really complete an outfit.

9. Tie it all together – Ties can actually be a lot of fun. If you don’t own a tie right now, go out and buy at least one classic tie. Stick with solids if you are afraid of matching them with shirts, or get funky with some cool patterns if you want to change it up a bit.

10. Keep them looking good – No matter how much you spend on clothes; if you throw them on the floor, they’re going to look awful. Take care of your clothes and make sure you follow the care instructions properly. Dry cleaning is expensive, but well worth it sometimes.

Fashion and Style Bags

New Year clearly comes up with lots of popular and colorful trends. Because there are many new fashions out there available for sale but there is nothing more agreeable and impeccable than fashion bags. They are actually the very best styles for the fashionable ladies in the New Year. That’s why powerful, crafty and colorful handbags would definitely increase your gleaming image in the New Year in a really charming and flexible way. More emphatic influence of these textured bags is because they won’t just help in making you actually different from others but in addition assist to you in boosting up your confidence and self esteem in a very fantastic manner.

Another most influential reality concerning the fashion handbags is that they will not only assist you in diminishing your stressful feelings but also help you in increasing your real strength in a practical shape. Furthermore, they are amazing handbags in boosting up your figures in a glossy manner.

This season, purchasing online for excellent handbags is one of the best alternatives of selling. We get several different options in the perfect handbags authentic handbags and inexpensive handbags fake. On the contrary, you’ll find a lot of online scams that cheat unsuspecting customers of their hard-earned money. If you follow a number of simple principles any time buying handbags, you can find less probabilities of being duped.

If you go with on the web perfect bags, you can find suppliers who provide handbags at low prices. You can ask the owner of a retail business, whether a choice to supply on the internet or in case they may advise a number of websites that provide inexpensive perfect handbags. Many suppliers share information in case they’ve fantastic consumer relations. It is normally good on the professional recommendation of people who got in the sale of perfect handbags for females.

To sum up, we might say that fashion handbags are truly immaculate bags for enhancing your New Year fashions and designs in a prestigious manner.

Cat Fabric Garments and Accessories – The Mark of Fashion and Style

For many of us, pets are the members of the family. They capture our hearts and never fail to bring a smile on our faces. As such, costumes made of our favorite pet designs like dogs and cats make us feel like happy snuggling into them.

For cat lovers, there is a wide range of novelty fabric which would appeal to anyone. These cat fabrics can be included for making quilts, pillow covers, bed sheets, cushion covers, kid’s garments and much more. They are also wonderful for making garments, beddings and accessories so that you can show your love for cats. Quilts made from cat flannel make you feel more cozy and warm.

Fabrics made of cat material are also an excellent way to spice up your life and with the choice of fabrics available online you can start making some wonderful items for your home too. The various online stores have cat fabric in different patterns, colors and variety that can be used for making any garment or accessory. These online stores have cats everywhere, from outer space to the ringside of any sport’s events. The various designer cat fabrics are ultimate for making Hawaiian shirts, carrying bags, draperies, lampshades, clothing for pets and much more.

The recycle bag with cat stripes is the most durable bag and a great item that can carry all from your vegetables, groceries or craft items. A Velcro end at the top and wide straps of 1 ΒΌ inches and of length 10 inches make them great for carrying in hand or on the shoulder. There are 3 pockets inside for holding beverages or containers.

Cotton fabric with brightly colored cats against a black or any dark background is excellent for quilts. Such fabrics are also ideal for making jackets, mittens, vests, scarves and more. The fabric also has a gold line encircling each cat. It is available in yards in the online store and is awaiting you to snuggle up. Pure cotton fabric with cat prints of holding yarns on a light blue background is excellent for making children garments or bed sheets for kids.

One of the fun fabrics of cats is trying to move inside the fish bowls against a blue water-like background. This is a 100% nice cotton fabric for makings pillow covers, bed sheets and quilts for kids and grown up children. Fabric with few kittens relaxing and lying down in yellow flowers is for every cat-lover person.

Another fabric which is a must for quilting and crafting projects is a pure cotton fabric having variety of cats with great looking faces. Cotton aprons made of cat print fabric are excellent for all those who love any breed of cats. There is cat material fabric by the yard that can be used for bedding sets and shower curtains. Lovely cat design printed on brushed fabric is perfect for baby bedding.

Cat fabric can also be used as a mark of fashion and style. Lovely tote bags with cat prints make you look classy when you don it with ladies short sleeve shirt of soft furry cat design. The Hello Kitty designs are the popular ones in this category that are used for various garments and lots of accessories.